Friday, 30 June 2017

Fire-Brigade cup

On a frozen Thursday we went to Lindvart park to play rippa-rugby in the fire brigade cup. We walked all the way from Kaikohe West school to the rugby` club which sucked because how long the walk was. First we versed Kaikohe East we beat them 2-1. Shikane scored and so did Jarreau. Next we were up against Okaihau and sadly we lost 1-8 only Jarreau scored in our team. We lost to Kaeo because they were always fending us and covering their tags with the  ball. Finally the last team we versed was Tautoro they were pretty much like our rivals. They were our rivals because Mason was in their team so it was pretty much unfair because mason is a mean as stepper man so we lost 14-3.